Jewish calendar month

Jewish calendar month
a month in the Jewish calendar
Hypernyms: ↑calendar month, ↑month
Tishri, ↑Heshvan, ↑Kislev, ↑Chislev, ↑Tebet, ↑Tevet, ↑Shebat, ↑Shevat, ↑Adar, ↑Veadar, ↑Adar Sheni, ↑Nisan, ↑Nissan, ↑Iyar, ↑Iyyar, ↑Sivan, ↑Siwan, ↑Tammuz, ↑Thammuz, ↑Ab, ↑Av, ↑Elul, ↑Ellul
Part Holonyms: ↑Jewish calendar, ↑Hebrew calendar

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